Create the right feeling in your clients.

It can be frustrating when a customer leaves without buying something — especially when you can't figure out why.

In the video below, Aleah Arundale explains that it's often because the person already has a necklace and feels it's irresponsible to own too many things. It's the jeweler's job to help the client feel more positive about making a purchase.

Arundale offers tips for creating the right feeling by promoting trade-ins. Take a look:

ALEAH ARUNDALE is a third-generation GIA graduate gemologist and a fifth-generation jeweler turned loose diamond wholesaler. Selling diamonds on the road lets her share great ideas from hundreds of different jewelers from all over the country. Sign up for her Jewelry Sales Tips newsletter by emailing her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling (800) 882-8900.


A Worry-Free Way to Close Shop

Ron Pierro, owner of Pierro's Jewelers in Brandenton, Florida, chose Wilkerson to run his going out of business sale. From marketing to on-site sale management, Wilkerson did it all--giving Ron the kind of closure that only comes from trusting the best. Wilkerson.


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