WHY IT IS TRUE: Customer wants are not necessarily product/service-specific. Truth be known, many customers really care less about the “jewelry” and more about what the jewelry does to enhance his relationship with her. Meet that need, and you’ll have a fan forever.

PLAN OF ACTION: The customer needs an engagement ring or an anniversary gift. Demonstrate your genuine interest by asking him how he plans to propose, or how he plans to surprise her with a special anniversary gift. Now he knows that you genuinely care, and suddenly you look completely different than the jewelry store two blocks away he just visited. If he has a plan, ask him to share it. Show genuine interest by nodding and smiling. If he has no plan, share a couple of your great ideas with him. You’ve just taken a major step to capturing a customer for life.



Source: David W. Richardson CSP, Jewelry Sales Training International

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 edition of INSTORE.


A Worry-Free Way to Close Shop

Ron Pierro, owner of Pierro's Jewelers in Brandenton, Florida, chose Wilkerson to run his going out of business sale. From marketing to on-site sale management, Wilkerson did it all--giving Ron the kind of closure that only comes from trusting the best. Wilkerson.


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