Here's list of 28 things to do all the time, every time, with every client, from sales trainer Shane Decker. He shared this list during his April 13, 2013, keynote address at The SMART Jewelry Show:

  1. Was the sales floor covered when someone comes in?
  2. Was your greeting within 5 seconds?
  3. In the greeting did you have a smile on your face and eye contact?
  4. When client came in how was your body language?
  5. If they said just looking did you let them walk away?
  6. Are you introducing yourself and giving your name?
  7. How long before you have something beautiful on someone's hand?
  8. Are you awesome with relationship questions?
  9. Are you good with selling specific questions?
  10. Do you know how to close all the way through with everyone you wait on?there should be a close a minute.
  11. If they came in for a repair, are you wowing them?
  12. Do you and your sales people know the anatomy of the clerk ticket?
  13. Can you handle all objections with speed and accuracy?
  14. Do you know how to sell company benefits?
  15. Does your staff exude professionalism with every individual?
  16. Are you trying for add ons with every ticket you write up?
  17. Do you know how to romance the product, the reason they came in?
  18. Do you know how to closest the end?
  19. Are you getting a high ticket item in everyone's hand?
  20. If you can't close it, are you turning over the sale?
  21. Are you doing three presentations with every client? The clerk, the add on, the wow.
  22. Are you walking the client to the door?
  23. Are you telling them thank you and goodbye and giving them your card?
  24. Are you doing proper follow up? Thank you cards for everyone.
  25. Are you getting contact information?
  26. Are you cleaning and listing everyone's jewelry when they come in?
  27. Are you finding out how people want to be communicated with?
  28. Everything you do, write it down. Every day have a short list. Don't go home until you've drawn a line through everything on the list.

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