You have a tough couple of weeks ahead. But every time you’re tempted to take your foot off the gas, to coast a little while telling yourself, “Hey, you know, we do alright — we’ve got good products, and good service, and you know that should be enough” — every time you’re tempted to do that, remember one thing.

And that one thing is that for the independent retailer today, there are no shortcuts.

Good service and good product are already expected of you.

No, people won't stomp out of your store angrily if presented with an adequate range of products at prices that aren’t shockingly expensive presented by a salesperson who handles them merely competently. But they won’t hurry back, either. And they won't tell their friends.

Andy Sernovitz puts it best in this great post, saying that delivering the basics is “like brushing your teeth.” Why? Because ...

  • You’re expected to do it.
  • You lose friends if you don’t.
  • You don’t get extra credit for doing it.

Go the extra mile this holiday season to deliver as many great experiences as you can.

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