It once had a wide lead, but now it's slipping.

The oval and the cushion are closing in on the princess, which has long claimed the title of second-most popular diamond cut.

In 2009, that would have been inconceivable. At that time, the princess had a wide lead at 78 percent, while the oval (1 percent) and the cushion (7 percent) weren’t making any significant inroads in the popularity contest for No. 2.


Millennial brides, who increasingly report they are looking for something distinctive, have opened up the options.

Now the princess is at 32 percent, followed closely by the cushion at 29 percent and the oval at 26 percent. The oval has made the most precipitous rise, since it was at 3 percent in 2014, while the cushion had made steady progress at 27 percent in 2014. Ovals are flattering shapes on most hands due to their elongated appearance. Well-cut ovals also boast clear faceting, plenty of sparkle and a large appearance, while cushions evoke vintage glamour.

You can see all the results of the 2017 Big Survey in the October edition of INSTORE.


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