(Press Release) Platinum Guild International, in collaboration with Cooksongold, has created 3D-printed platinum jewelry that will be exhibited at the upcoming Baselworld 2016 show in Switzerland.

‘This technology opens up new frontiers in platinum jewelry design, just at a time when consumers are increasingly looking for differentiated and highly personal solutions and experiences,” says Huw Daniel, CEO of Platinum Guild International.

From Cooksongold’s factory in Birmingham, UK, it developed both the Precious M080 machine and powder supply that are used to create the jewelry. Working from a CAD file, the machine draws the design directly in platinum powder and builds up complex geometric layers until the required shape is completed.

Two jewelry designers were chosen by PGI to create the first-ever designs that would be printed in platinum using this technology.

Clara Breen created a bold statement cuff that is inspired by patterns on an ancient Chinese vase. The piece is created using hollow parts and complex flowing shapes, and the technology allows for a piece of this scale to be light and wearable in platinum.

Joseph Jackson has used the technology to create a pair of cufflinks that have been printed in one piece. The technology has enabled him to move straight from CAD to platinum with only finishing to complete.

The designs will be on display at the Heimerle + Meule Group booth at Baselworld, Hall 2, Booth G68.

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