(PRESS RELEASE) LOS ANGELES, CA – In a major change to the pre-existing customer service and sales team structures at Tacori, the two departments have been united as part of a new “One Team” strategy designed for 2x Goals.  

A Tacori “One Team” has been created in which each account will have not one territory manager, but three strategic team members, adding layers of support to each account.  

The 2x Goal is part of the ongoing transformation to reach toward 2x value, 2x effectiveness, 2x efficiency and 2x profitability for Tacori and its partners.

“The vision to re-imagine customer service and sales into a world-class strategic business unit is what the world demands,” said Paul Tacorian, CEO of Tacori. “Utilizing clearly defined layers of support for these strategic team members, our 'One Team' strategy replaces an old, outdated system where one territory manager was solely responsible for all elements of account and territory management.” 

Effective Jan. 9, the Tacori “One Team” orientation will triple the service coverage on an account. 

The teams are designed for expedited efficiencies to provide retail partners with:

  • Forward-thinking strategic business planning and leadership. Role: Business Growth Leader.
  • Ongoing implementation, follow-through and accountability for the analysis and personalized recommendations to each account on orders, trends, best-sellers, exchanges and more. Role: Territory Development Manager.
  • Six-day-a-week customer service, reporting and restocking. Role: Customer Excellence Representative.

Tacori is dedicated to the premise of focusing the right amount of time and attention on retail partners to enhance reliability, communication and sales.

“As we evolve from the past perspective of selling and into the future of strategically serving our clients, we are taking the next steps into the transformation of Tacori,” said Tacorian. “As we continue to think about relevance in our industry, our spirit is not that of a sales team – we are strategic partners.”

Under the leadership of Tacorian, the sales team leadership at Tacori includes Stephen Alexander, senior vice president of strategic business innovation; Nabil Walden, vice president of business growth; and Francesca Noh, director of sales operations.   

“We are builders and growers of business, dedicated to accelerating our business towards world-class levels,” said Tacorian. “We believe that, in roles that are tied to brand growth and sales, titles must reflect and correspondingly drive the highest possible levels toward a 2x trajectory.”

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