Fashionable Find

We’re actually a little shocked that we don’t already know someone who’s rocking the jewelry industry in this geode-covered dress. From its vintage-inspired silhouette to its geological theme, we find this friendly frock hard to resist.


Fans for Your Fans

As summer heats up, the littlest things will determine whether a customer chooses to browse in your store or somebody else’s. Be the only one on the block offering branded paper fans to overheated shoppers.

$6.46 and up

Sights and Sounds

This pretty piece’s bejeweled exterior is eye-catching, but its hidden features are even more impressive. Not only is it a music box (it plays “Für Elise”!), it’s a functioning kaleidoscope.


For Your Style Story

These decorative gold books add a touch of class to any stray shelf space you may need to fill. Bonus: they’ll look fantastic in the background of your next Instagram photo shoot.



This new security ring display from SalesOne allows customers to browse on their own without compromising inventory security. The attractive, ash-wood exterior of the display conceals a cable system that secures product while still allowing shoppers to try on every piece.

This article originally appeared in the June 2017 edition of INSTORE.