In Time: Cool Time

Scandinavian design meets affordability


Published in the June 2013 issue

Icebergs and below freezing temperatures hardly seem likely sources for a watch collection, but that’s exactly what inspired Danish adventurer and businessman Rene Kaerskov to create Bering Time.

After parachuting out of a helicopter over the North Pole in 2008, Kaerskov was overwhelmed by the splendor of the Arctic landscape. Awesome white expanse made such an impression on him that Kaerskov decided to create watches that reflected that stark beauty.

In an age when complicated, sometimes fussy timepieces prevail, Bering keeps things simple. The focus is on extraordinarily hard materials, such as high tech ceramic and ultra light titanium. All the Bering watches also are characterized by their slim profile modeled after the flat expanses of the Arctic. The sleek, ultra-thin cases enhance the minimalist design. While the brand did much research into how to achieve this modern aesthetic, the timepieces are affordable, mostly retailing from $99 to $300. Indeed, Bering has been far from frigid in sales. The brand expanded from Denmark to Germany, the United Kingdom, eastern Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and as of last year Canada and the United States. In the case of Bering Time, things are just heating up.

In Time: Cool Time

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