In Time: Inner Time

Scandinavian design meets affordability


Published in the September 2013 issue

It isn’t often that an underwear brand makes a statement with a timepiece, but that’s exactly what’s been happening with 2(X)IST watches. Several leading high-end watch retailers even placed orders based on preliminary samples at the recent trade shows in Las Vegas. “Although technically a fashion watch, they told us our watches were really different,” says Morris Chabott, managing director. To create a line that would be in keeping with the brand’s DNA — “everyday function, fashion and more comfort” the company enlisted the design help of Jason Wilbur, the iconoclastic designer behind the award-winning Devon Tread watch.

Using New York City and its “urban rebel spirit” as design inspiration, Wilbur fashioned a watch that is reminiscent of the girders on metropolitan skyscrapers and bridges. “I also wanted to take high-design, usually reserved for expensive luxury watches, and make it available to everyone,” says Wilbur. Each case is comprised of several components that are actually screwed together. While it would have been cheaper to just make the screws decorative and use standard cases, Chabott says a run-of-the-mill watch wasn’t the point. “These watches take their cues from fine watches. That’s why we hired Wilbur. We didn’t want the usual fashion watch.”

In Time: Inner Time

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