In Time: Top Flight

Torgoen Swiss prides its elf on expertise in racing and aviation.


Published in the November 2013 issue

A favorite of PILOTS and “those who seek the rush that’s found in control and speed,” Torgoen Swiss has carved out a niche for watches that are high performance yet moderately priced. Founded by a pilot who understands the demands and rigors that professionals need in their timepieces, Torgoen subjects its watches to multiple levels of tough testing. Besides being tested for water resistance to 100 meters, the watches are inspected and go through heavy, long-lasting damage withstanding tests, extreme temperature withstanding tests and cosmetic longevity tests.

The brand’s T20 series incorporates functions that an aviation enthusiast might want but in a style that suits everyday wear. The touch of color on the bezel and carbon fiber dial give the T20 series a fun appeal. But the bold design is matched by equally strong functions. The movement has several major tasks: Two hands in the center of the dial indicate the local time in 12-hour format (with hours and minutes), one hand for GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) display, another hand for use of the alarm function, a small sweep hand to indicate seconds, and a big digit date display.

In Time: Top Flight

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