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Denish design brings simplicity, functionalism Scan


Published in the January 2014 issue

"Stealth” watches have been around for several years and still are among the bestselling watch looks around. And no wonder: The all-black look in cases, dials and straps has the same appeal as a black leather motorcycle jacket, the stealth bomber or a sleek sportscar.

While stealth looks in watches run the gamut, leave it to the designers at Danish Design Watches to come up with an original look.

Begun in 1988 to fill a gap in modern design watches, Danish Design produces modern timepieces that adhere to Scandinavian design principles. Namely, watches that are simple, elegant and non-obstructive. While influenced by the Bauhaus movement of Germany, Danish design established a niche in Europe that continues to grow in popularity. Attention to simplicity and functionalism have elevated Danish designs to iconic status.

In this tradition, the designers at Danish Design put a signature Scan design touch on this stealth watch style.

There’s the black PVD-plated stainless steel case that usually marks a stealth style, but here there’s an added element: a mesh-like honeycomb beneath the crystal that gives the watch dial an even more mysterious element. The semi-opaque mesh acts as a veil, revealing enough of the dial and hands to make the watch legible, but obscuring the dial nonetheless.

The hands appear to float around the dial thanks to rotating disks.

An element of sportiness is provided by the red leather strap and a touch of red on the hands.

In Time: Scan Time

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